The Indigenous Circular Economy In Action

Eather Group are helping the civil construction industry ‘break new ground’ in Indigenous procurement and engagement on significant projects. Eather Group are celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2020.

Eather Group have operated to reflect the ‘traditional Indigenous trading economy’ and recently enacted this philosophy on a major excavation project on Gammarigal Country in Sydney’s lower north shore, on behalf of Delta Group who are Principal Early Works Contractor for the project which is being managed by Donald Cant Watts Corke.

Indigenous business owner Peter Eather developed a specific program and reuse strategy in consultation with Delta Group management to excavate, load and transport high quality white shale for brickmaking at PGH Bricks, supplying the NSW building industry.

“The exciting part for us is having an Indigenous operator ‘select mine’ materials on site, loading our fully- owned trucks transporting to the brickworks, tipping at PGH Bricks, where our diggers and dozers manage the stockpile, and these bricks and blocks will be used on the same site during construction “ Peter explains.

It is a fantastic example of the circular economy in action, and with the right collaboration by clients and contractors, our business can meet the financial, environmental and procurement targets on these types of projects” Peter adds passionately.

To reflect traditional protocols and trade practices, Eather Group consulted with Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council CEO Nathan Moran, who encourages Indigenous enterprises to engage directly with mainstream industry. A local Indigenous sub-contractor Kangaroo Transport was engaged by Eather Group to participate in the project.

“Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council (MLALC) is proud to support it members and community self determination to own their own business to seek out business opportunities as MLALC acknowledges the dire importance of economics to overcome disadvantage suffered by our individuals, families and community” Nathan adds.

“MLALC believes this partnership for the Sydney’s lower north shore project is a model and example of “The Indigenous Circular Economy in Action’ and MLALC foresee this as the most effective and efficient way to maximise benefits for our communities economically holistically, and most importantly MLALC affirms Sydney’s lower north shore is Gammarigal Country / Ngura”.

This kind of innovation within the building industry, along with experience and creativity by leading Indigenous businesses like Eather Group and Kangaroo Transport, allows clients to make Indigenous procurement the most effective Indigenous workforce participation method, and become a normal part of our economy, while conserving the environment.