Our Team

Our team is important to us both personally and as an asset to the company. We know that the workforce of the future is diverse, and we pride ourselves on the eclectic mix of people who make up Eather Group.

We have built proactive employment strategies into our recruitment process to cultivate diversity and equity within our workforce and to assist us in ensuring sensitivity to support this diversity.

As of Jan 2024, our employed staff are:










Our partnerships with local organisations provide employment and training opportunities for local youths, and we have invested $1,000,000 into the purchase of four automatic HR vehicles that have provided pathways for women into transport.

We are a foundational member of Women in Trucking Australia, and are designing pathways for women into construction. Our female drivers are changing the face of the industry, and we are proud of their efforts to encourage other women to consider careers in driving and operating.


We facilitate ‘local jobs for local people’ project guidelines and personal values, sourcing staff and sub-contractors from the areas in which we operate, including our own select panel of Supply Nation sub-contractors

Our ongoing relationship with employment services attracts suitable candidates with a wide range of skills and backgrounds. These services include the Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) Penrith, NOVA Employment, and MatchWorks.

  • Peter Eather - Managing Director

    A natural entrepreneur, Peter has been developing economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable solutions since the conception of his first glass recycling initiative as a teenager. He founded Eather Group in 2010, and has over 20 years of experience delivering upon waste-to-resource focused solutions within the civil construction industry.

  • Sally-ann Eather - Executive Manager

    Sally-ann has been surrounded by business owners and entrepreneurs her whole life, owning several successful enterprises of her own. Her studies have included a Cert IV in Accounting, a Cert IV in Business Management and she is currently studying a BA. in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security and a BA. in Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking. She's hyper aware of the need for sustainability to be a core part of the very foundations of a business, and is using her expertise and interest in environmentally sustainable solutions to assist Eather Group in becoming an Industry leader within this field.

  • Divinia Eather - MARKETING MANAGER

    Eather Group has always played a massive part of Divinia's life, and she is immensely proud of and grateful for both the business itself and the incredible people who bring it to life. She is bringing a fresh perspective and approach to the management team, focusing on the relationship between Eather Group's corporate culture and its branding, balancing staying true to the Eather family's values while developing creative solutions to cultivate an environment of business and employee growth.


    Simon has been a friendly face in the Eather workplace for over 6 years, and his 20 years of experience in allocation and holistic project management has made him an invaluable asset to the coordination of Eather Group's day to day operations. He loves a challenge, and utilises his extensive understanding of the materials across the Greater Sydney Region and their potential uses to work with Peter Eather in coordinating Select Mining efforts.


June 29th, 2020 was Eather Group’s 10 year anniversary. We are incredibly proud of what Eather Group has become and Peter, Sally-ann and Divinia Eather want to thank all of the current and previous staff members, customers, contractors and suppliers and their families for helping us to grow and achieve our vision of becoming a sustainability and diversity leader within the industry.

And a very special thanks to our longest serving employees, Di Jones, Lynette Willet, Barry Salmon, Arthur Dimitrakopoulos and Simon Vredegoor.