We are a solutions-oriented company, meaning we look at the big picture to provide mutually beneficial, sustainable outcomes for everyone involved. Over 250 years of industry experience among key personnel translates to out-of-the-box and practical understanding, ideas and risk management strategies.

This extensive industry experience has also allowed Eather Group to build a network of trusted local subcontracting businesses which share our values. This includes our web of selected Supply Nation Registered and Certified businesses with which we work very closely.



We recognise that Eather Group can only be as good as its culture. It is the personality of a business and defines the environment in which we work.

As we continue to grow, it is our goal to maintain the tight-knit family dynamic on which Eather Group was built. In line with our long term strategic vision, we have identified the 4 core values which we expect to be upheld in all dealings by all members of staff. These values are:

  • Quality

    • Exceeding expectations
    • Implementing safe practices and procedures
    • Committing to continuous improvement
  • Integrity

    • Upholding ethical practices
    • Reliability
    • Loyalty
  • Sustainability

    • Committing to environmentally and socially sustainable practices and solutions
    • Encouraging a healthy employee work / life balance
  • Respect

    • Through recognition and understanding
    • Maintaining a diverse workforce made of individuals from a range of backgrounds, cultures, genders, ages and abilities
    • Recognising each employee, partner and customer adds a new perspective and value to our business


Our Commitment to Sustainable Solutions

With our core business operating in earthmoving and mining, we recognise our responsibility to adopt and promote environmentally sustainable processes, and have built sustainability into our ‘circular economy’ model.

Our unique ‘select mining’ speciality allows us to assist clients and project managers in assessing and allocating bulk excavated materials for ‘sustainable reuse and supply’ back into construction projects, maximising reuse of spoil material and reducing landfill.

We meet carbon reduction footprint targets utilising our extensive network of local subcontractors to reduce heavy vehicle travel times on roads.

Eather Group is taking a leadership position in managing its Modern Slavery, Labour Rights and anti-Corruption compliance. We encourage you to read a copy of our Statement of Policy as well as our Code of Conduct.

Our Commitment to Country and Culture

As a successful Indigenous business, we value our opportunity to build strong and positive relationships with other people and businesses within or supporting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, always with the purpose of growing together.

We understand that we operate on land that has been in Indigenous custodianship for more than 60,000 years, and allow our decisions to be guided by the Elders, leaders and representatives of the communities in which we work and tender, ensuring the preservation of culturally significant areas and setting the example for colleague businesses within our industry.

By involving Community within the model of our business, and focusing on providing employment, training and contracting opportunities, we utilise our procurement initiatives to ensure the positive engagement and participation of other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This is enhanced by our ongoing partnership with peak bodies such as our supplier certification with Supply Nation, our active involvement with the NSW Yarpa Hub, and our NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (NSWICC) / First Australians Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FACCI) affiliation.