Our Services

Eather Group has extensive capabilities to develop a range of solutions and options to suit any project, and has developed a strong reputation built on quality, sustainability, integrity and respect.

Waste Solutions

Leading the way to a Circular Economy in construction, we help clients find sustainable and cost-effective options for classified materials and project waste. Our unique select mining specialty and material sampling capabilities allow us to assess reuse opportunities for excavated material.

We have the capabilities to:

  • Excavate, cart and dispose all classifications of waste to approved facilities across NSW/ACT.
  • Arrange Circular Economy opportunities for materials to be cycled back into industry.
  • Process through crushing, screening and/or blending, all of which can be completed on-site.

We have sourced and processed materials for PGH Bricks and Pavers across 3 Western Sydney sites for more than 14 years. Our waste-to-resource model reduces need for quarrying, as we selectively excavate material from major projects for reuse in bricks. Benefits for projects from this diversion of project spoil from landfill include cost savings related to reduced tip fees and faster travel turnaround.


Tonnes diverted from landfill


Approximate number of homes that can be built with these recycled materials

Earthmoving Solutions

We have access to over 300 specialised machines available for wet and dry hire. Our operators are highly experienced in the civil, construction, and landscaping industries, and our partnerships allow us to carry out cut and fill, retaining walls, and subdivision works.

Transport Solutions

Eather Group has its own fleet of PBS vehicles, as well as access to a network of pre-qualified contractors across the Eastern Seaboard. Our clients are able to reduce project emissions, disposal and travel costs by utilising our vast transport and disposal facility connections.

Bulk Material Solutions

Our supply and handling offering includes specialised on-site crushing & screening capabilities with efficient and quality stockpile management systems. We source, supply, and deliver specialised quarry products and recycled materials to meet the needs of projects.