Stepping up the Fleet: Women in Trucking

It’s an exciting day for Eather Group, our brand new, hot-off-the-red-carpet Kenworth 610 has finally come home!

We are thrilled to officially announce the driver of this gorgeous vehicle is Patricia (Blu) Birch, who has been with us for exactly one year. You will have seen Blu featured in Nationwide newspaper Big Rigs in January this year, as well as across all our socials.

She had no idea what was happening when we kept her back later than usual last night, and when Managing Director Peter asked her to step outside, she was running through the day in her mind to figure out what possibly could have happened. She followed, opening the door to a gleaming truck parked in the driveway. “She’s yours,” Peter said. After a moment of shock, the words sunk in and she was beaming with pride as the keys were handed over to her.

Blu has been driving for over 25 years jumping into all kinds of heavy vehicles, and she is more than deserving of her first ever brand new truck. Anyone will tell you she’s been put on some difficult jobs in the past few months, and we only ever get good feedback from clients. When she expressed interest during our internal recruitment search, we knew she would be the perfect fit.

A patient, kind, and joyful member of our team, she is itching to put her to work for the first time in the morning and has shared the good news with her family back in New Zealand.

“I am so grateful, I will take great care of her,” she says.

We know you will Blu, congratulations!