Site Spotlight – Nepean Business Park

We are passionate about working on projects like Nepean Business Park, where we are contributing to the landscape of our local neighbourhoods and the future of our community.

This site has come a long way in a few short years, with the work to drain out decades of tailing sediment and still water beginning in early 2020.

Coming onto the project in mid-2022, we immediately prepared the site to be ‘all-weather’. This meant that rain hail or shine, 6 days a week (and at some points 24 hours a day), we were accepting hundreds of trucks with reusable materials from major infrastructure projects.

In just 3 years, 5,000,000 T of materials were imported from across Sydney, and we have now moved into the next stage – building 1.5km of retaining walls 6 metres high, and preparing the site for subdivision.

Congratulations to the team who are out there every day making this kind of achievement happen!

[Aerial images taken from Nearmap, and final image Adam Hollingworth from Hired Gun Photography]