Recreating History at Nepean Business Park

Nepean Business Park is an important project for Eather Group as a company, but you may not know it’s even more special for the Eather family.

As a former sand quarry and then tailings pond, the site and Penrith Lakes at large has been a source of the resources which built Sydney, and has supported countless generations of local families. In the 70s-80s, Albert (Hoss) Eather could be found on the machines at the quarry. In the 90s, Peter Eather learned how to operate on the very same site with his dad. Now, decades later, a third generation of the Eather family has been introduced to the industry, right where their grandfather made his living more than 50 years earlier.

Below is a picture of Hoss operating a dozer on site, and a picture of Peter last year when we brought home our first brand new machine.