Eather Group Staff Recognised at State Awards

Some of our proudest moments are watching our team be appreciated for who they are and what they do. The 2022 CCF People Awards on Friday night was full of just that. With 117 finalists across 16 awards, for 11% to be from Eather Group is as unsurprising as it is incredible, and we are proud of all our team.


  • Arthur Dimitrakopoulos
  • Barry Salmon
  • Luke Boyle


  • Di Jones
  • Lynette Willet


  • Bianca Clark
  • Divinia Eather


  • Simon Vredegoor

We also came home with some wins! So a special congratulations goes to…

Hayden Jones – Site Supervisor (Contracts under $2m)

This award recognises the key role Hayden played in the 2022 Hawkesbury flood recovery work conducted by Eather Group across caravan parks in some of the region’s most affected areas. The relief teams cleared 5 parks in just 10 weeks, and Hayden took the lead as project supervisor by pricing works, ensuring compliance, running risk assessments, managing stakeholders, and directing operations. He truly committed to this time-sensitive project, staying late and arriving early to ensure everything was in place and accounted for.

This was a hugely sensitive project. Hayden himself is a local, and found himself consoling the grieving community members and taking a personal effort to ensure teams worked as quickly as possible to provide a truly blank canvas for the community to heal with. Residents could not sing enough praises for the team’s handling of operations, with praise being shared on social media, in private messages to Eather Group, and in national magazines.

Up against 10 finalists and an unknown number of nominees, Hayden took out this very deserving win.

Sally-ann Eather – Women in Civil Contracting

Sally-ann has been recognised for her determination and passion, as well as her commitment to opportunities for women, sustainability and diversity, and continuous improvement. As an advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, she is always supporting innovation by exploring new sustainable avenues for Eather Group to expand into.

One consistent avenue has been opportunities for women in construction, starting with being a fierce advocate for the women working within Eather Group already. As a mentee in the Women in Civil program with CCF, an active member of Family Business Australia, and the motivator for Eather Group to be a foundational corporate sponsor of Women in Trucking Australia, Sally-ann contributes to and accesses support from multiple networks.

All her experience and learning has been on-the-job, and she acts as a role model for all people as she uses her role and her experiences to hold others accountable and encourage change, especially working with decision-makers in Tier 1s and 2s.

With so many inspirational finalists in this category, we’re very proud of her achievement.