Eather Group Staff Honoured at National Awards

In our industry, so much work happens behind the scenes to keep our machines moving and our companies going. Often this work goes unnoticed.

That is why we’re so proud of our two office ladies, Di Jones and Lynette Willet, who are both recipients of the inaugural Transport Women Dream Maker Award. This award is a joint venture by Transport Women Australia Limited and the National Road Transport Hall of Fame, and recognises the women who do all the background work that helps others achieve their dreams.

Di and Lynette are two of our longest serving employees, and have supported Eather Group as we’ve changed, grown, and overcome challenges. Travelling all the way to Alice Springs to receive their award at the Transport Women Unite Red Ball during the National Road Transport Museum Road Transport Hall of Fame Festival of Transport, we’re thrilled to have seen them celebrated for the important role they play in our company.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all the behind the scenes workers who keep our industry moving.