BUNGA Immortalised in the Fleet

Eather Group the company is made up of all the families who contribute to and rely on it. We are a legacy, and many of you will know that we have begun dedicating trucks to the parents of Peter and Sally-ann Eather. 

What began with HOSS1, named after Peter’s late father Albert “Hoss” Eather, and B1OCKA, named after Sally-ann’s late step-father Clinton “Blocka” Jessop-Smith, has continued with our gorgeous new truck being crowned with “BUNGA1” rego plates, dedicated to Sally-ann’s father, Darrell “Bunga” Brown.

Darrell “Bunga” Brown

11 years ago today, just months after Eather Group was first established, Darrell died of suicide, leaving the family in shock and heartbreak. His memory lives on through his children and family, and now it is immortalised on Sydney roads. 

October is mental health awareness month, and now more than ever, it’s crucial to check in with your loved ones and support them. You never know who is struggling. Sally-ann is raising money for the Black Dog Institute through #onefootforward, and you can follow the link below to donate.

If you see Bunga out on the road, give her a honk for Darrell.